An Alternative to Google Translate

In an earlier post, I recommended Google Translate to all of our readers, forgetting that Google has just translated its way out of China.  Not to fear, there is still a very good, and free, translation tool hosted by Yahoo called Babelfish.

Below are two examples of how the two programs handle phrases from English to Chinese (Traditional):

“Please be courteous when entering and exiting the theatres by moving to and from your seat quickly and quietly.”

Yahoo Babelfish:  請是有禮貌的,當进入和退出劇院时通过快和安靜移動到/從您的位子。

Google Translate: 請禮讓在進入和退出劇院通過移動並從您的座位很快就無聲無息地。

“In Britain, which draws more international students than any country after the United States, enrollments seem to be on the upswing, despite troubles putting new student-visa regulations into effect, which led to increased visa costs and processing delays.”

Yahoo Babelfish:  在英國,在美國以後比所有國家吸引更加國際的學生,註冊似乎在高漲,儘管放新的學生簽證章程的麻煩入作用,导致增加的簽證費用和處理延遲。

Google Translate: 在英國,這吸引了更多的國際學生比任何一個國家後,美國,入學率似乎在上升,儘管麻煩實行新的學生簽證的規例生效,從而提高了簽證費和處理延遲。


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