American High Schools Joining the Competition for International Students


Phillips Exeter Academy: Halfway to Harvard

The competition for international students is starting even earlier now, with American prep school deans going overseas to recruit students to their schools.  These private high schools have been hit hard by the recession, as parents can no longer   afford to enroll their students in expensive college preparatory programs.  To make up for the shortfall, school headmasters are going overseas to find ambitious high school students who want a head start on that coveted American college degree.

College preparatory schools in the U.S. tend to be very well run, almost the polar opposite of public high schools in the U.S.  The academic rigor and quality of students is comparable to that of the top high schools in Asia, though less competitive.  AP and IB classes are the norm, and the extracurriculars are excellent.  Best of all, American prep schools provide foreign students with the opportunity to polish their english while getting acquainted with their future college classmates: many prep schools serve as “feeder” schools to elite private and public universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Duke, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, and University of Michigan.


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