Are the SATs Required for International Students?

Today, millions of students around the world sat down for the most important 4 hours of their teenage lives: the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  A handful of well-prepared students went home elated, most went home dejected.  None will know exactly how dejected to feel until the scores are available.

The SATs are a rite of passage for high school students in the U.S.  In no other situation is so much determined by so little.   The test is almost compulsory for American students, with high schools administering PSATs early to get students in gear for the big day.

For international students, the SAT process is not so simple.  There are a number of misconceptions about the SAT that deter students from studying for it.  Many students are under the impression that they are not required to take the SAT because they are not U.S. citizens.  This is patently wrong.  The decision of whether to accept SAT scores is not a national U.S. policy, it is an individual school policy, meaning it is determined on a school-by-school basis.

Most universities, especially the top universities, require applicants to submit SAT scores along with the application, even if the applicant is an international student.

It is true that there are some schools that do not require SAT scores from international students, but these are mainly 2 year community colleges and other nontraditional colleges.

Also, a student hurts her chances of getting financial aid if the student does not submit an SAT score.   Some universities out there are more concerned with the Math score than the Verbal/Writing score.  Thus, less than perfect English should not deter you from attempting the SAT.


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